June 23, 2024

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2007 Real Estate Property Investment Prediction Series

2006 has been an exciting year for real estate speculation in many of the world’s emerging nations with a good few pleasing surprises emerging from some of the more established countries in the world as well.

Furthermore, as more people become aware of the attraction of real estate as an investment commodity and as an alternative to pension planning for example, so an increasing number of property investors have been born in 2006.

So, in 2006 profits have been made by many investors and these people have reaped the financial rewards of their efforts – but still, don’t we all wish that we could see into the future and be able to second guess governments and policy makers’ decisions that could affect the economy of a nation or its overall attraction for a property investor?

What if we’d all had a crystal ball that foretold London winning the 2012 Olympic Games Bid – prior to the decision we could all have bought properties in the run down areas of the city that are now benefiting from millions and millions of pounds worth of regeneration investment and we could have made ourselves property millionaires overnight!

Well, the good news is that the forthcoming 25 part 2007 Real Estate Property Investment Prediction Series will offer property investors and potential real estate speculators insight into the likely 2007 residential and commercial property market movements in Australia, Bahrain, Belize, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dubai, Egypt, Estonia, Ghana, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Northern Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine.

Each of the single nation focused reports in the 25 part series will cover everything from developments affecting the foreign freehold ownership of real estate in each given country, it will highlight relevant recent, current and future expected or forecast political, economic and social developments likely to affect the attraction of a country’s residential and commercial property markets and specific advice will then be given relating to factors likely to create property investment hotspots on a country by country basis.

Finally, each of the 25 reports in the 2007 Real Estate Property Investment Prediction Series to be published throughout December will give speculators, investors and interested readers an overview of the property investment potential of each country meaning that each report is applicable even for an investor at the initial stages of their research into the viability of a given country for their own personal real estate property investment objectives.