April 19, 2024

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Buying Properties For Delinquent Taxes – Get Them For As Little As $100

Dying for a new way to invest in real estate? Hands-down, buying properties for delinquent taxes is the right investment. But there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to purchase it. Here’s how you can get started buying properties for delinquent taxes, without attending the auction.

The other bidders at tax sale make it very difficult to win any decent bids. Also, property at tax sale is sold as-is – and you can’t inspect it first. This has become the wrong way to invest in property. In fact, buying properties for delinquent taxes alone has become almost impossible – you’ll always pay close to retail value The simplest, and cheapest, way to buy is outside the sale… after it’s already over.

The owners themselves are the easiest way to get tax property. Knowing when to communicate with them is key. Early in the redemption period, they may not be ready to sell. They’re probably still trying to find a way to deal with the back taxes and keep the house. But if they haven’t redeemed by, say, 9 months, they probably can’t. The owner is now under tremendous pressure to get rid of the property.

This is where you step in (and where buying properties for delinquent taxes is a piece of cake). Make a deal to buy the deed for $150. Agree to split a percentage of the sale of the property with the owner, once you’re able to sell it. This is a seriously profitable deal for both of you – and a relief for the owner. The positive reaction to this method will amaze you.

Before the redemption window closes, pay the back-owed tax debt. You can also get rid of the property right away if you choose – a realtor can help you price the property so it will sell immediately, even to another investor. Want your profits now? This is the way to go – let the new owner deal with the tax issue.

If what you want is to start buying properties for delinquent taxes, even if you don’t have a lot of money to start with, this is the way to go. And now is the time to get involved, before the foreclosure rates drop back down again.