April 15, 2024

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Canadian Stock Alerts – Evolving Gold Corporation

At the time of this writing (July 2009) the Canadian markets have been starved for a good news story. So much so that when Evolving Gold Corp EVG.V, a Canadian junior mining company released some good news, the markets went wild. And that may be an understatement.

I think even the folks at Evolving may have been surprised by the interest from the retail community. The company normally trades a few hundred thousand shares a day, after the release they traded 15 million shares and the stock traded between .58 and .95 .. it traded fast and furious all day.

I did mention EVG on my blog mid morning when it was .62 , not just because it was up 42{bc1e42e53d8565163e9cec719c82f5e0892e054fb5d628f08363879e07731a2f} at that point but primarily because it had already traded millions of shares prior to 11:00am.

A few have written already that they expect another big market correction to the downside in the fall of 2009, except for the gold community. As it is still considered the best hedge against just about everything else.

If that comes to fruition, then the junior mining community in Canada could be the recipients of a true whirlwind this fall & winter. Especially those junior companies that really have their act together, like Evolving Gold does.

I have written about two other Canadian junior mining companies that are in the process of releasing some very positive news. Century Mining (CMM.V) expects to receive $65 million dollars to restart their proven Quebec property. Orex Exploration (OX.V) is just waiting on their 43-101 that looks to identify over 1 million ounces on their Nova Scotia property.

At the time I’m writing this Evolving Gold has about $16 million in cash on hand. When Century receives their $65 million, they’ll have 4 times what Evolving has, a proven mine and a recently upgraded 43-101 resource estimate. What could that news release do for Century in this starved “good news” climate?

Orex Exploration has a property in Nova Scotia that when even the slightest due diligence is done, opens one’s eyes to a potentially very valuable property.

It would be interesting to read this article again in the summer of 2010 and see where this three Canadian juniors sit. Of course there is no way to say with absolute certainty.