April 14, 2024

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Ceiling Fan Lights Save Energy and Pull Double-Duty

One of the most overlooked fashion workhorses in today’s home remains the ceiling fan, especially models with ceiling fan lights. Especially in our time, where both energy costs and eco-friendly sensibilities are on the rise, a return to one of the most basic fixtures available makes for a wise investment. The great news is that there are designs for every home, and a fan for every budget, with plenty of choices at every price point. The biggest problem facing the home or business owner today is that there are perhaps too many styles from which to choose. Some examples of these different styles follow.

54-Inch Brushed Nickel Cirque Ceiling Fan, by Minka-Aire

This is a work of art in every sense of the word, which fans of Minka-Aire will no doubt expect from the manufacturer. This particular fan is designed by George Kovacs, and is a futuristic, organic fan with a subdued brushed nickel finish. The blades are round paddles, of two alternating sizes, and they circle an orb that sports a 50-watt halogen bulb. This fan also sports a dimmer switch for the light, and 3 speeds for the blades. This fan can go in any modern or perhaps an Art Deco-styled room. With the halogen bulb, you’ll also be sure to save on energy costs for the light output, which is a nice touch since you’ll also save with the heating and cooling costs from the fan.

52-Inch Paradise Key Ceiling Fan, by Tommy Bahama

As aficionados of Tommy Bahama are sure to expect and love, this fan brings a taste of the island tropics to any room. The five wide, wooden, palm frond-inspired blades are sure to keep your temperature in the “Ahhh!” range, and better yet, inspire an island feel to your room. The uplight is a nice touch as well, and the fan comes either in a colonial white or antique brown finish, sure to fit most any room.

64-68-Inch Palisade Ceiling Fan, by Fanimation

From Fanimation’s “Natural Influences, Palisade Ceiling Fan” collection, these fun fans are a bit on the more expensive side of design but well-worth it if it’s a statement that you’re after! Surely nobody, or very few folks, on your block will have anything that compares to this vertical fan system. The large, bamboo or palm blades spin vertically, one each end of a horizontal pole stretching between the optional light. The fan is customizable to suit any room, with a number of finish options. The light fixture is customizable as well on this model, and can be fitted in the middle of the fan or at either end of the horizontal bar holding up the blades. This is definitely a fan worth viewing and experiencing to get the full sense of the ambiance created!

These are but three fans that come with stylish ceiling fan lights to brighten any decor. The ingenuity available by these and other designers is quite remarkable, especially the futuristic and period pieces that are constantly pushing the design envelope. Getting a fan to suit your needs with lights and forward or backward-looking style has never been an easier prospect.