April 18, 2024

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How to Decorate Using a Round Rug

Believe it or not, a rug can make a big difference in any room. If you have no rugs down on your floor and you suddenly purchase a simple throw rug and place it in front of the television or entertainment center, watch and see how many people will ask you if you have changed your decor, or they may say that something is different in the room they just can’t figure it out. Yes, a rug has that much of an affect on a room. Try it and see what kind of reaction you get with your friends, family and guests.

When you think of rugs you think of rectangle or square rugs that fit perfectly on your floor. Do you dare dream of adding a round rug to your decor? Maybe you have never attempted to use a round rug in your decor but the good news is that you can use a round rug to make your room look great. Round rugs can come in all different sizes, material, and color. Adding these round rugs into a room can do a lot to highlight a certain area in your room.

How can a round rug help your living room? Let’s say that your living room is big and you have a television/entertainment center in one corner, a sofa, two chairs, and a love seat in your living room as well as a coffee table and two end tables. You may also have some other furniture scattered around but these are the main pieces. If you want a focal point in your living room, simply place your sofa in front of your television/entertainment center but back enough to where you won’t hurt your eyes to watch television and you can walk in front of your sofa with ease. Then add the two chairs on each side of the sofa but angle them to where they too face the television. Add your coffee table in the center, in front of the sofa, and place a round rug under your coffee table. You can also make sure that the rug will run under the front legs of the sofa and chairs. Doing this brings out a focal point in your living room. The only thing you have changed is the way that you have your furniture situated. Everything else stays the same. Your focal point is now at the round rug.

You can use the round rug to make any room brighter by choosing a bright colored rug. Rooms that should be bright include a foyer, bathroom and kitchen. Foyers should be brightened up by using a round rug because it feels more inviting and warm. You can use a round rug in your bathroom to achieve a neat and tidy look. In the kitchen you can add a round rug in the center of the floor or near the door of the kitchen so that the round rug becomes the centerpoint.

What material you choose for your round rug is a matter of preference. Some people like the older look of the rope braided rugs in a round design while others prefer a natural look such as bamboo rugs. In today’s world we can make just about any customized selection when it comes to rugs that will best suit our needs instead of everyone’s needs all together.