April 19, 2024

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Ljubljana Property Slovenia – An Investment For Long Term Capital Growth

Slovenia was recently names one of the top ten destinations for property investment in the world. This has led to an influx of foreign buyers, with many buying in the capital Ljubljana.

Ljubljana offers a great investment opportunity for those seeking solid long term capital gains and low risk. Let’s take a look first at why Slovenia as a country has become so popular with foreign investors.

Advantages of Investing in Slovenia

Slovenia was formerly part of Yugoslavia and is bordered by Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. Slovenia is a small country about half the size of Switzerland, it has a stable democracy, with a modern infrastructure and property prices are rising as the economic grow increases.

Slovenia was formerly part of Yugoslavia and is bordered by Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.

Of the new countries to join the EU, Slovenia has the strongest economic growth of any of the new member states.

Buying Property Ljubljana Property

Buying property in Slovenia has given astute investors great returns on their investment in recent years and the capital Ljubljana has given some of the best returns of all.

The Increasing economic growth has seen a property boom take place in Ljubljana.

Property has been increasing by 30 – 40{bc1e42e53d8565163e9cec719c82f5e0892e054fb5d628f08363879e07731a2f} per annum and this growth rate looks set to continue for many years to come.

Ljubljana is at the heart of the boom economic boom in Slovenia and the city produces about 25{bc1e42e53d8565163e9cec719c82f5e0892e054fb5d628f08363879e07731a2f} of Slovenia’s Gross Domestic Product.

Solid economic growth, higher disposable incomes and a limited supply of housing, combined with strict planning regulations are the main factors behind the growth in property prices.

Ljubljana is an appealing city to live in and has been likened to a smaller and less busy version of Prague.

The city features pretty medieval buildings combined with striking baroque architecture. The population of Ljubljana is around 280,000 and the city is compact, lively, and cosmopolitan, with a large percentage of the population under 30.

Investment property for value and capital growth there are investment opportunities in the city center, as well as the outlying suburbs and prices are still very affordable.

With growth rates of over 30{bc1e42e53d8565163e9cec719c82f5e0892e054fb5d628f08363879e07731a2f}, low downside risk and the opportunity to take advantage of the strong “buy to let” market, Ljubljana offers a good solid long term investment.

Many buyers come to Slovenia and Ljubljana in particular, because it’s cheaper than neighboring countries such as Slovakia and Poland.

Slovenia property investment offers an affordable and high return overseas property investment location and a good place to start looking is in the capital Ljubljana.

Buying property for investment in Ljubljana offers solid long term capital growth, good rental income, competitively priced properties and this combination will see further growth in the near future.

Discover property investment in Slovenia and you may be glad you did.