April 15, 2024

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Poultry Accommodation – When it Comes to Accommodating Poultry a DIY Coop Can Provide More

Being able to provide excellent poultry accommodation for your chickens is probably far easier than you might imagine. You have a couple of options open to you and how you go about housing them is pretty important. Your chickens will have a few specific requirements that are easily addressed if you get the poultry accommodation right and with a little help and guidance this is so simple to achieve.

If you are new in wanting to keep chickens or indeed, if you already have poultry but are looking to upgrade their housing then the choices that you have are, to buy a readymade coop or build the accommodation yourself.

Buying a readymade coop may seem like the preferable option but, they seem to be very expensive when compared to building a DIY coop. The amount of materials used to construct them could be bought at a fraction of the price at your local DIY store, or if you bought the same amount of materials that a readymade coop would cost, I suspect you would have more than you know what to do with and could build a coop of monumental proportions.

To be able to keep your poultry healthy and happy should be a priority, especially when you consider that it really affects how many eggs they lay if they are not kept in tip top condition. So to have the flexibility and versatility in their housing to really benefit your chickens overall health should not be underestimated.

By building the housing you really are giving yourself such a huge advantage over anything a readymade coop has to offer. Not just in the cost effectiveness of the finished result but because of the flexibility and versatility that you gain too.

Just imagine you can use the size of your backyard to its best advantage, utilising any areas of shade or sun to help keep the coop at a reasonable constant temperature. If you have any areas prone to flooding you can avoid them. It is possible that you may have the luxury of being able to site your housing in the perfect spot but, not everybody is that fortunate.

Being able to provide adequate ventilation to encourage air flow through the coop will add to your chickens continued well being. As well as building plenty of ramps and walkways to help keep them stimulated which is another important consideration too. Also, you have ultimate control of the security aspect too and knowing that your poultry are as safe as they can be from predators will give you added peace of mind.

I think that the biggest plus factor here has to be overall cost effectiveness. You really can provide poultry accommodation very economically and you will not be compromising on your own or your poultrys needs. In fact, you really have the best chance to house them more than adequately and because you have had such an influence over your poultry accommodation from the initial planning, you know that the end result will be very durable and of superior quality too.