April 19, 2024

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Pros Vs Cons – Should I Build My Own Solar Panels Or Windmill?

Solar Panel Pros Vs. Cons

What could living off the grid and using solar energy mean for you; you’re about to find out what I’ve discovered living off the grid myself…

Before one simply commits to cutting electricity bills with solar energy and going off the grid it is wise to know first what you’re getting into. You will want to know where to place your solar panels for example and just how many you will need.

Government Grants To Go Green?

Did you know that your state may be shelling out grants and or incentives along with the federal government for going green with solar energy that you may be eligible for!

If you are seriously considering building or buying and installing solar panels on your house you should start there.

You should know…

If you take away one thing from this article know this, once you are up and running, the power you produce for your home is free. Any solar panel system will start to pay for itself immediately once you start using it.

Windmill Pros Vs. Cons

What about some of the positives and negatives of having a windmill power system for your home instead?

I think it is again obvious to point out the fact that once up and running there is little to no maintenance and so long as there is wind you have free power. But there is more to it than that…

Sure the energy you can produce from wind is also environmentally friendly as there are obviously no carbon emissions or other byproducts being produced as there are with thermal energy sources.

However you do need to take into consideration if this type of renewable energy system is right for you or not as it depends solely on the wind, weather, and geography of where you live.

In comparison to solar power where you typically set it and forget it, windmills do require a bit of maintenance every five years or so replacing the bearings of their turbines due to moving parts.

If you are a member of PETA you could probably find a way to take into consideration not owning one for the threat it poses to flying animals like birds and bats.

Windmills are often large, and stand tall easily pointed out and some may not want the eye sore on their land.

Are windmills more energy efficient than solar panels?

Did you know that wind energy is in fact more efficient given the right conditions and capacity than solar energy? It’s true; one small windmill can create as much energy as not five but up to 10 smaller solar panels!

Have you driven by a farm lately that had several windmills and rolled the windows down to take a listen? If you would have done this five to 10 years ago you probably would have heard them, however today new technologies have given them a lot quieter appeal.

Either way you slice it be it wind or solar power, going green with either of these two renewable energy sources can be a fun do it yourself project and cost a lot less then you probably would have imagined.

Bottom Line – Is Living Off The Grid For You?

What if there was access to a quality guide and equally helpful videos that show you what you need, and exactly how to build your own solar energy system?

The good news is there is, and this is exactly the road I took when going green and converting most of the power in my house to solar panels.

The best news is that I actually stared on a budget of $200 and was up and running I even cut my electricity bill the very first month as promised with step-by-step video instructions you wont find anywhere online.

I have since been able to completely eschew my power living off the power grid, and am absolutely in love with my self-sufficient power generation mechanisms that now run my home.