April 19, 2024

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Quick Start Commercial Real Estate Formula – 21 Steps to Success

Do you want to know a secret? It’s easy to make piles of money in commercial real estate — you don’t even have to be that smart! You just have to know what to do and then do it.

So, as I sit on a plane flying to Dallas to take my daughter to college (SMU), I decided to provide you with a QUICKSTART Commercial Real Estate Formula — 21 Steps to Success:

1. YOUR ATTITUDE: Attitude is quite simply your biggest key to success. If your attitude isn’t 100{bc1e42e53d8565163e9cec719c82f5e0892e054fb5d628f08363879e07731a2f} do whatever it takes to shift it — do not underestimate this fundamental step. You achieve what you can believe.

2. YOUR VISION: What kind of business do you intend to have? Are you one of the bigwigs? If you can’t see it, you can’t achieve it. You must spend some time detailing where you plan to be in 1, 3 and even 10 years from now.

3. YOUR GOALS: Think about this, without goals what chance do you have of achieving them? Start with an income goal and then chunk it down into smaller goals to support your income goal.

4. YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT: Learn to time block, limit interruptions, and delegate as much as you can.

5. YOUR POWER OF PLANNING: Daily planning is not only important it’s essential for success. Each morning review your goals and outstanding deals, and then create a list of action steps to support them. Check off the money making action steps first.

6. YOUR POWER OF EXECUTION: Don’t get stuck in planning and forget to execute!

7. YOUR DATABASE: Quality above quantity. Make sure it’s current and allow it to grow. Your database is the single most important thing when it comes to creating an asset that supports your business growth and success.

8. YOUR ABILITY TO NICHE: Be an expert in a product type, geographic area or both.

9. YOUR NETWORKING: Network regularly at trade association meetings, mastermind groups, leads groups, wherever your ideal client hangs out.

10. YOUR ABILITY TO READ: Read everything — trade journals, newspapers, appropriate newsletters, anything and everything that is relevant to your business.

11. YOUR SALES TOOLS: Make a list of the sales tools you need and then acquire them.

12. YOUR SALES SKILLS: Likewise, make a list of the sales skills you think you need and then learn them.

13. YOUR PREPAREDNESS: The opposite of preparedness is failure.

14. YOUR WILLINGNESS TO BE IN MASSIVE ACTION: Important — successful people take more action steps
daily — many more!

15. YOUR MARKETING SKILLS: I’ve come to realize good marketing skills supersede good sales skills when it comes to being successful. Invest in some good marketing skills — you’ll thank me.

16. YOUR PROSPECT PIPELINE: Always be prospecting. Choose three prospecting activities weekly to keep your pipeline full. The idea is to prevent the “feast or famine” cycle by being consistent with prospecting even when you think you don’t have the time or the need.

17. YOUR ABILITY TO PROBLEM SOLVE: Did you know prospects would pay just about anything to have their problems solved? Learn all about the problems your ideal client experiences and become a master at solving them.

18. YOUR ABILITY TO LISTEN: Talk 20{bc1e42e53d8565163e9cec719c82f5e0892e054fb5d628f08363879e07731a2f}, listen 80{bc1e42e53d8565163e9cec719c82f5e0892e054fb5d628f08363879e07731a2f}. Know what questions to ask.

19. YOUR FOLLOW-UP: Most clients fire their commercial real estate professional due to a lack of follow-up. Don’t let this be you. Remember, plan daily and include follow-up. And communicate good, bad or indifferent; it’s the communication of ANY type that’s key.

20. YOUR COMMITMENT: Decide if you’re interested in being a success or committed to being a success because unless you’re committed you won’t be. There are way too many things to be interested in but only a few to be committed to.

21. YOUR SELF-DISCIPLINE: Your determination and ability to achieve your goals and live up to your commitments.

Well there you have it, 21 steps. Good luck and let me know if I can be of service with any of the above.