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Top 10 Affordable Properties in Dubai 2018

Top 10 Affordable Properties in Dubai 2018

Top 10 Affordable Properties in Dubai 2018

There’s no lie in the statement that Dubai is the land of luxuries. People plan to spend their holidays in Dubai, they intend to buy or rent property in Dubai and those who have not seen it ever, yearn to visit Dubai at least once in a lifetime. Acquiring a piece of land in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Fujairah has become a dream to many of the expatriates, therefore, the real estate in Dubai is witnessing a rapid and extensive growth.

Few of the reasons that Dubai seems to be charming to settle in are;

· Innumerable opportunities

· The exceptional quality of life

· Continual economic growth and development

· Chances of growth for every individual

· Easy acquisition of land as compared to other highly developed cities

· One of the best places to enjoy life

Though the acquisition of property in Dubai has become easy, the procedure of attainment proves to be complicated because the people and agencies involved in between turn out to be fraudulent. The real estate agents avow to get you an affordable property in Dubai but many of these claims are pretentious.

Someone had to come up with the solution for the convenience of people, and the one who has emerged as a prevalent name in the world of real estate in Dubai is ‘EZestate’. Bridging the gap between genuine buyers and sellers of the property in Dubai, EZestate works with an aim to provide affordable accommodation for the people who are in pursuit of any sort of property in Dubai. If you need to buy or sell property in Dubai, be it an apartment, house, townhouse, villa, off-plan property, or an office, then EZestate is surely the best fit for it.

Considering the heightened demand of properties and intricacy faced by the buyers and sellers to get those properties, EZestate offers the 10 most affordable properties in Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Al Ain, and Umm Al Qawain;

· Townhouse for rent and sale/purchase

· Studio house for rent and sale/purchase

· Apartments with various bedroom capacities for rent and sale/purchase

· Elegant homes for rent and sale/purchase

· Beachfront/Sea-facing apartments

· Beachfront/Sea-facing houses

· Unfurnished and fully furnished properties

· Aesthetic villas

· Seemly office place

· Off-plan properties for rent and sale/purchase

Conforming to the regulations laid by the RERA, EZestate maintains transparency in the dealing of the property which makes them credible and makes it conducive for its clients to buy, rent or sale property in Dubai. EZestate also offers you to schedule your payment plans according to your affordability. Providing clear and comprehensive guidelines relating to the payment options, DLD, and the agent’s fee, they assist you in setting the down payment and lease plans with an extremely simplified payment calculator available on their website.

To cut the story short, EZestate is a matchless option if you are planning to buy, rent or sale property in Dubai. It’s the all in one stop, providing directions to a successful life ahead.