February 22, 2024

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Wellington Construction Ltd Has Been Liquidated, But Still Ranks No.1 in Search Engine

When I used to work in Wellington a few years ago, I recall seeing a company called Wellington Construction Ltd. They had a lot of construction projects that they were working on in the Central Business District of Wellington, New Zealand. My impression was that they were doing some good work and that they had a pretty good profile in the local area.

I’ve been out of New Zealand for a while so it came as quite a surprise to find that they had been shut down back in 2008. I only found out that their business had been shut down because I was researching construction companies around Wellington area. When ‘Googling’ I stumbled across an article by a local business publication call the NBR, and in that news post they go into reasons for why they shut down (see a link to the referenced item at the end of this article).

From the article that I read it appears that they had a few really expensive projects that were running at significant loss. They also owed a significant amount of tax to the NZ Inland Revenue Department. When you consider those two factors then it’s not surprising that they had to close their doors.

It’s interesting that 2 years after their demise that they still hold the no. 1 rank in Google search results for “wellington construction”. How on earth does Google conclude that a liquidated company a messed up website is the most relevant search result for “wellington construction”? It certainly baffles me.

Referenced NBR news post – Wellington Construction Liquidation