July 23, 2024

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What Are Greenhouse Gases?

What Are Greenhouse Gases?

What Are Greenhouse Gases?

I am sure, you must have heard about gases in relation to greenhouse either during your school days or in some news channel or might have read in the news daily. Understanding what are greenhouse gases and how do they effect the environment we live in, is of utmost importance for each and every one of us. Let me help you a little with the different greenhouse gases.

But before knowing the different greenhouse gases, we need to know how, are greenhouse gases formed. Gases floating in to the atmosphere when trap heat, leads to the formation of greenhouse gases. Now, let us see what the different greenhouse gases are.

Carbon Dioxide

The most common of them is carbon dioxide. When we burn any fossil fuel like natural gas or oil, it releases carbon dioxide in to the environment or even when we burn trees or different types of wood products, carbon dioxide drifts into the environment. One way to get rid of the free carbon dioxide in air is to plant more and more trees.

Methane Gas

Another category of greenhouse gas is methane gas. This also damages the environment, once it enters the environment freely. Farming practices often release methane gas and even places holding waste such as landfills also create methane gas.

Nitrous Oxide

This is a very dangerous greenhouse gas as there are many activities which release free nitrous oxide into the environment. Some of the activities are a variety of actions in industrial parks, burning different kinds of fuels, and even on burning landfills which contains waste.

If we want to live healthy and happy, we have to understand the greenhouse gases, and what are their major ingredients which results in shocking effects which again leads to global warming. Now, the term global warming is misinterpreted by many of us. When the greenhouse gases and various types of air contaminants are entrapped in the environment, they lead to intense weather condition and warmer temperatures.

Now, when temperature rises, the ice starts melting which instigate the sea levels to rise. The rise in sea level means more water will envelop the earth and with temperatures getting warmer, it will result in dangerous storms in form of tornadoes and hurricanes. Hence, it is important for all of us to play our part and reduce the formation of the greenhouse gases.