July 23, 2024

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Why Flameless Candles Beat Regular Candles

Why Flameless Candles Beat Regular Candles

Why Flameless Candles Beat Regular Candles

For many years, candles have been used to create a calming and relaxing mood. Over the last few years, flameless candles have become increasingly popular as a replacement for regular candles. These new battery operated candles look practically identical to regular candles. They even have that same flickering, glowing light that everyone loves. However, these breakthrough candles have several advantages over the old-fashioned ones. Here are some of the reasons why flameless candles beat regular candles.

Flameless Candles Are Safe.
The best reason to use flameless candles is due to safety. Since these candles operate without a flame, there is no fire danger like there is with the regular kind. With a candle that is flameless you don’t have to worry about setting the house on fire. I’m sure that you’ve seen or heard news reports of house fires started by candles. These fires could have started because someone simply forgot to blow out the candle. Or maybe a child or a pet knocked it over. No matter what the reason, these tragedies don’t have to happen. With these new battery operated candles that are flameless, you are protected from these accidents because there is no flame.

Flameless Candles Can Be Set To Turn On Automatically.
One of the best features of flameless candles is that some candles come with a timer built-in. The timer is really amazingly simple. Here’s how they work. With a flip of a switch, you can turn on your candle. Your candle will stay on for a predetermined amount of time and then turn off by itself. The length of time it stays on may be 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours or longer. The fantastic part is that the next day your candle will automatically come on at exactly the same time that you turned it on the day before. So, if you turned it on at 5 PM the first day, it will come on at 5 PM each and every day.

This is great if you like to have candlelight every night before falling asleep. Or maybe you enjoy seeing candlelight when you walk in the door as you come home from work. Also, this is perfect to use if you plan on being away from home. You can set your candles to come on at various times during the day and night so that your home appears to be occupied. It’s wonderful to have them set to come on automatically every day. It’s a wonderful way to lift your spirits, without having to do a thing. The built-in timers are a great option that regular candles can’t match.

You Can Put Flameless Candles In Places You Wouldn’t Put Regular Candles.
Flameless candles can be put in locations that you would never dare put a regular candle. This is because there is no flame and no danger with these astonishing candles.

Do you need a little extra light in a nursery or child’s room? Need a nightlight, and there’s no outlet in the right place? Would you like to put a candle near a curtain, wall, plant, or decoration? Maybe you would like to put a candle in a bookshelf. Do you need light under a cabinet? Maybe on top of a cabinet?

As you can see, the places that you can put these remarkable candles are endless. As you think about it, you can see just how useful flameless candles can be and why they’ve become so popular.

Flameless candles last a long time.
Flameless candles are battery operated, so they will last a long time without having to even touch them. The length of time that your candle will operate on a set of batteries varies. Usually, it will be between 100 hours and 1,000 hours. Some newer models extend this time even longer. Most regular candles will burn down to the point that they are unusable after this amount of time. However, these fantastic candles will continue to glow. When the battery runs down, you just pop in a new set and they are operating again.

As you can see there are many advantages to using a flameless candle. A bonus reason why they are so great is that they are very affordable. Once you get a few, you will realize just how much you love them and how useful they are.