April 19, 2024

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Build a Chicken Hen House – Tips For Building a Chicken Coop

Building a chicken hen house doesn’t take a lot of skill. Simply make sure you follow the tips I’ve outlined below and you’re on your way to having the right chicken coop for your birds and your home.

What Size? – I like to keep my chickens enclosed in a chicken hen house with a large chicken run for exercise. Having said that, I do let them out to run wild for an hour or two every couple of days. I have a chicken coop that’s about 3 feet by nine feet with a 10 foot ceiling and a run of about 9 square feet. Although some people like to have their chickens running free around the yard, it can make finding eggs and cleaning up a bit of a chore.

Walls – Use strong, sturdy wood for the walls and roof. I’ve used old doors and they word just fine. Insulate for added warmth during the winter and seal up any drafts.

Flooring – Have a floor than slopes gently towards the frond door. This will make it easier to sweep out and when you’re hosing down the water will flow out the door, rather than pooling in the middle. Cover the floor with dried grass or straw and replace at least one a week. Make sure it’s clean and dry to prevent mould or disease.

Doors and Windows – Have a door about a foot square for the hens to enter and exit through. Have some windows and ventilation holes too. Cover all of these with heavy gauge chicken wire to deter predators.

Roost – Chickens like to spend all night roosting off the ground. Simply run lengths of two by four, five feet high along each of the long walls of the chicken hen house. On these, extending across the coop, nail some nesting boards. These are one by two-inch rough wood. Place the first roost about six inches from the back and then the other about a foot away. A large-bodied chicken requires at least a square foot of roosting space in the summer. In winter, they crowd closer together for the warmth.