June 23, 2024

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Cheap Decorating Tips

These days, in the face of a global money crunch everybody is looking for ways to save money. Those who are planning on doing up their house will be looking for ways to decorate on a shoestring. The good news is, this is not at all impossible. Decorating cheaply is easy to do once you allow your imagination to take flight. Here are some cheap decorating tips that you can use to brighten up your home:

Look for Second Hand Furniture – Second hand furniture can be fixed up or covered. Look for furniture that is cheap but has potential. If you like to paint, you can paint a second hand table and chairs and even cover them with upholstery or cushions. Second hand furniture can be sanded, primed and painted even if it is laminated. Plenty of people sell furniture due to divorce, moving or just because they no longer like it. Look for second hand furniture and use it in a fresh new way in your home.

Change cabinet handles- If you want to change the look of your kitchen cabinets without getting new cabinets, change the handles. This is not a very expensive procedure, takes only a few minutes to do and can really make a big change in your kitchen. You can find handles for your cabinets online or in your local home improvement store. This is one way to spruce up your kitchen.

Use Area Rugs

Even if you have wall to wall carpeting, you will be surprised at the impact that area rugs can make in your home. They can give your home a look of warmth and comfort. If you want to make an impact in any room, as well as add comfort and depth to the room, you can do so by using area rugs. You can choose from area rugs that are runners to those that are large enough to cover just about an entire room, and everything in between.

Add Decorative Painting

If you have never implemented decorative painting in your home, you can learn to do so easily by watching a video and getting a kit. You can use stamps and stencils as a way to make furniture, walls, cabinets and even the tile floor come to life. It costs very little money to paint decorative touches on walls using a kit and anyone can learn this art form. If you are afraid to do so right away on furniture, you can practice by using the stencils or stamps on poster board. This will allow you to implement the decorative touch to your home.

Use Throws and Pillows

Throws and pillows are one way to cover up old furniture and give it a new face. You can toss these on your furniture and make it look like new. Plus, these are easy to keep clean and work well if you have pets or small children.

You do not need a lot of money to decorate your house. Use these cheap decorating tips and turn your home into the place of your dreams with very little money and a little imagination.