May 18, 2024

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Four Reasons You Should Build Your Own Chicken Hen Houses

Chicken hen houses are in demand for people who enjoy raising chickens in their backyard. The first decision they usually face is whether to buy or build their own chicken coop. They are often left weighing the pros and cons of each decision. Building your own chicken houses can be a great decision and here are a few reasons why.


The primary advantage of building your own chicken coop is the price advantage. If you were to purchase a prefab coop, you can easily pay over $1000. That is before adding taxes and transportation costs. If you build your chicken house, you only pay the cost of the materials and a few hours of your time.


Not all chicken hen houses are alike. You need to decide the color, layout, and design of your chicken coop. The windows need to be pointed in the direction where the sun can shine through. You may want to be able to set up the nesting boxes and feeders a certain way. Its possible your design ay not be in stock or priced over your budget.

First Time Owner

If this is you first time raising chickens or you’re just raising just a few chickens, you might not want to incur big expenses from the outset. After a period of time, you might decide that raising chickens is not for you. Building your own chicken hen houses is a great way to test the waters without the big expense of purchasing a new coop.

It’s Easier Than You Think

The biggest obstacle to building your own chicken coop is believing that you can actually build it. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, it can seem like a daunting task. However, there are chicken coop plans that can guide you step by step through the whole process. The required materials can be bought at a local home improvement store.

Building chicken hen houses is a great idea of you are looking to save money or just testing the waters of chicken ownership. You can follow a plan step by step have a chicken house built in no time.