May 16, 2024

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Putting Together a Worthy Home Security System

If you stop and examine all of the issues involved, you will see that a home security system has to be worthy of your family more than anything else. It’s really what is on the line when you install your alarm and get a monitoring service, or any of the measures you end up taking. Before you consider a home security project complete, ask yourself if it is really a worthy apparatus. These five things should be a part of the final product.

1. A strong perimeter. Putting the perimeter of your property in order should be one of your first items of consideration. Think about how someone may approach your home. A gate around your property may be a wise choice, depending on the neighborhood, while a gate that locks will make your perimeter plan much stronger. To add another element, install a video intercom in the gate to make sure no one gets in without properly identifying him or herself. This feature is doubly important when you have children.

2. A modern home alarm. As with many items which have to be updated over the years, your home alarm system may eventually run its course. You have to make sure you have a system which is considered modern in the industry because of its record for keeping criminals at bay. Keep an eye on the reviews of systems like your own and see how it is doing in different parts of the country. If you continue to hear about its failures, it may be time to upgrade to a more modern device.

3. Monitoring service protection. In many ways, the monitoring service you have is just as important as the alarm itself. Different companies have different track records, so make your decision carefully, remembering much of your home security system’s success will come down to how your monitoring service responds to an alarm call. Again, the information on a company’s track record will be out there for you to examine. Don’t settle on some company just because the price is right.

4. Security cameras. It might initially sound strange or inappropriate to you at first, but surveillance cameras ought to be an element of nearly every security plan. As mentioned earlier, setting up a video intercom at the front gate will allow you to avoid the possibility of someone getting inside with false credentials. Additionally, there will be spots on your property which cannot be seen from inside without the aid of cameras. There are many options when you want to take this precaution.

5. A lighting system which works on many levels. For exterior lights, you want to use motion sensors so anyone walking around your property at night will be scared off quickly. For interior lights, your best bet is using timers that will make it look like people are in your house. Most thieves look for an empty house to go to work in. Random timers are the best, especially ones that can turn on televisions and radios, too.