April 18, 2024

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Queen Anne Dollhouse

One of the most beautiful dollhouses on the market today is the Queen Ann Dollhouse. Its distinct appearance comes from the Victorian style. The Queen Ann Dollhouse can bring up some questions that we intend to answer through this article. First, is the Queen Ann Dollhouse too big for what I need? Second, how much would it cost to furnish? Third, where can I go for help in building the dollhouse?

Is the Queen Ann Dollhouse to big?

This dollhouse is one of the biggest dollhouses on the market today. If it had a bigger door and a food bowl, it could be mistaken for a very extravagant dog house! So, is it too big? To answer that question I would ask: why are you building a dollhouse? If you are planning to play with your children and grandchildren, but don’t want to spend a pretty penny, then I would suggest looking elsewhere. If, however, you are looking for a small architectural feat and stellar beauty, there are few dollhouse kits that you will find that will satisfy like the Queen Ann Dollhouse.

After having constructed several dollhouses, we suggest that you start out with a simple dollhouse first. Once you have some experience you will know how detailed, intricate, and fun dollhouse building can be!

Our last bit of advice on the size of this dollhouse is to measure the doorways and the room in which it will finally reside. You might have to build it in the room that you are intending to leave it in, and hopefully if you ever decide to move that you will not have to break down any walls to get it out!

How much will it cost to furnish the Queen Ann Dollhouse?

This dollhouse has 13 rooms and is meant for 1:12 inch scale dollhouse furniture. When it comes to dollhouse furniture, you will be astounded as to the extent of different pieces are available. There are many different levels of quality, styles, types of wood, etc.

If you are planning on getting a large dollhouse, we do strongly recommend furnishing each room to the fullest. Dollhouse exteriors are only a 10th of the real beauty and fun in dollhouse building. Having a fully furnished dollhouse of any shape or size is the end goal, and only then will the true beauty of your dollhouse.

Where can I go for help in building the dollhouse?

Building a dollhouse takes skills from many areas. These skills range from carpentry to actually build the house, electrical ability if you want lighting (highly recommended for that extra touch), and interior design.

We again recommend starting out small if you are trying this for the first time. Most online or retail stores like dollhousecity.com are in this business because they have done it before and truly enjoy the hobby. Get in touch with them, so that they can teach you the some tips and tricks in dollhouse making. Remember that when you start this hobby there are literally thousands like you that are building dollhouses as a hobby. Reach out and be apart of our family!


I relate dollhouse searching to searching for a real home. There is some stress, joy, love, frustration, and a lot of time just clicking away. My recommendation is that you enjoy every part of the process; this is your hobby and as such should be fun. And if you finally decide on purchasing the Queen Ann Dollhouse, you will not regret your decision. It is a truly magnificent dollhouse!