April 12, 2024

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Unconventional Decorating – Decorating Magic Tricks for Your Home

When I design a room I always try to incorporate the unexpected, whether it is an unexpected splash of color or an unexpected use of an item. Besides impressing people it is almost always an ECONOMICAL design route. Remember the McGuyver TV show? He had the ability to create devices or get out of jams using ordinary items usually found in his pocket or within his view; such as a pen or a gum wrapper. It was a FUN and INSPIRING show. It teaches us to see “beyond” what you believe may be possible. View your household items the same. See what “other” usage your household items can fulfill.

We live everyday in a world that we can incorporate different usage of things, just like your shoe can become a bug squashing device (eeeww! gross!). So, next time you are ready to decorate your home in an economical way, try these design tricks. First impress yourself with your accomplishment than SHOW IT OFF to others. Are you ready? Okay:

o Coffee cup – POOF – becomes pencil & pen holders (I have a large blue coffee cup that holds all my drawing pencils & brushes)

o Old t-shirt – POOF – becomes a new pillow cover for your sofa throw pillows (cut & sew to make your own custom pillow. If you do not like sewing, try simply cutting the top & bottom of the t-shirt & slipping it over your pillow to give the pillow a new color or design)

o Fork – POOF – becomes a nail remover (us it to remove thin nails that have large heads – Just make sure you place a cloth between the fork & wall to prevent scratches)

o Fruit basket – POOF – becomes a magazine holder

o Overflow of books around your home – POOF – stack the books and make a coffee table (not just a table, but also a height adjustable table!)

o Linen Closet – POOF – becomes bookshelves (Simply remove the door & display your books, picture frames, etc. on the shelves)

Let me know if you like these tricks & I’ll be happy to share more in the future. If I receive a lot of replies I may share new magic tricks every season.

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